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Wed, Oct. 15th, 2008, 09:40 pm
princesstapi: The Woodlings: Yoshi & Boneka Kayu have arrived at the shop!

Hi Everyone!

We’re very excited for the arrival of the darling Woodlings: Yoshi and Boneka Kayu to the shop of Charles' Creature Cabinet!

Please visit us at http://www.charlescreaturecabinet.com and say hello to these cuties!

Mon, Sep. 29th, 2008, 10:26 pm
princesstapi: Introducing Charles' Creature Cabinet - from the Creator of Alice Cherry Blossom

Hi Everyone,

I'm mEda, the Marketing and Foreign Trades Manager of Charles' Creature Cabinet, a new ABJD company created by Charles Stephan, the creator of Alice Cherry Blossom. We are very excited with this new project and would like to take this opportunity to introduce ourselves to you.

Charles’ Creature Cabinet™ is a sole proprietorship company / arts and crafts studio founded in Autumn 2008. It officially opened its doors this September. We want to offer our customers 100% handmade art and crafts, unique and high quality collectable artist toys: Asian ball jointed dolls, designer toys and character dolls. Charles’ Creature Cabinet™ is Charles Stephan’s dream studio from design to manufacturing operated in The Netherlands.

Our Indonesian mini factory is equipped to manufacture small runs of limited editions. Thus ensuring of no mass production but limited runs of unique toys and dolls. Charles’ Creature Cabinet is not only dedicated to bring you a high quality product but also a wonderful and unique little piece of art.

The first Limited Edition dolls from Charles’ Creature Cabinet™ will be available on October 14th, 2008! Here is a sneak preview of these cuties:

To find out more about the dolls and Charles’ Creature Cabinet™, please visit: http://www.charlescreaturecabinet.com!

Sat, Apr. 14th, 2007, 12:21 am
deadluckkingdom: (no subject)


For Western PA doll owners

Tue, Feb. 27th, 2007, 09:35 pm
finalhello: Hello!

Hi. I am new here. Id like to express a concern... I have been searching for a doll sense last october (yes, that long) I wanted one that would really capture my heart!
finally I found one this past week! I ordered a doll from Luts, the kid delf boy cherry. He is just... so......cute! Ive already named him Jun. But I had to pay threw paypal so I ordered from Luts Directly from ebay, but they have not contacted me in two days...

am I just being overly nervous? or should I email them. Paypal says I sent four hundredd dollars to them and they recieved it.


Tue, Dec. 19th, 2006, 11:45 am
arkady: Random IMs

Not on the subject of dolls, hence OT for DoA but perhaps appropriate here....

What gives with people who trawl DoA member profiles for IM details so they can ping someone randomly out of nowhere?

I just had reseau_neurologique randomly ping me out of thin air, claiming that I actually know him and that we met at a doll meet in Upper Sexton and that I'd allegedly agreed to take on a commission to "desex" a male doll of his. Uh, hello? My profile states clearly that I'm in the UK - I'm not even sure I know where the hell Upper Sexton is! (Isn't it in Texas or something? Not the UK, AFAIK.) I've never been out of the UK! And I've certainly never agreed to any commissions for that kind of mod; hell, I don't do commissions, period.

He then admitted that he knew full well I didn't know him and that he was doing it "to be entertaining". (You can see a log of the whole thing here.)

Well, sorry, but IMing a complete stranger and trying to wind them up like that isn't entertaining. It's annoying. I've blocked him, but sad to say this isn't the first time something like this has happened.

It didn't take place via PM, so it doesn't really count as the sort of harassment I could ask a mod to look into; I've put reseau_neurologique on my Ignore list on DoA anyway so preventing any further crap there. I just wonder, what gives with the mentality of people like that? Why would you just randomly IM someone you don't know anyway, for no good reason?

Oh yeah, and IMing someone and saying "I'm outside your window" isn't entertaining. It's just creepy.

Anyway, rant over. Has this happened to anyone else, or did I just get unlucky?

Thu, Nov. 30th, 2006, 02:43 pm
nikita2471: DoA Forum moving to new server TONITE!

Our servermaster will be taking DOA down sometime TONITE for around 6-8 hours to move us to the new server and it will take some time after that for the DNS to propagate.

Please spread the word on your LJ as there might be members who won't see the announcement on DoA regarding this before the forum goes down.

Thank you!!

Sun, Nov. 19th, 2006, 08:50 pm
x_justpeachy: I've asked this on DoA, but.. D:

Some help with LaiDoll?

I haven't recieved any for of contact from them since the 8th, when they told me that they had recieved my payment and would be shipping my doll out as of--last week. I've sent them an e-mail already (on friday) asking about the progress and whether she was prepared or not (I bought my Lily on the sixth.) so, I don't know whether I should be nervous about it or not. D: .. even though I totally already am. This is my first doll, and so I'm suuuuper nervous about what's going on--some people say they don't even e-mail you until a week after the doll has been sent! X_X;;

Any advice?

Sun, Nov. 19th, 2006, 05:52 pm
arkady: PHP screw-ups

Something seems to be decidedly screwy with PHP on DoA on the server side; looks to me like the pages aren't serving MIME type correctly. Trying to click on threads results in pages loading maybe once every 10 tries; the other 9 I get a dialogue box saying I've tried to open a PHP script and what app would I like to run it with.

I've sent a message using the administrator feedback tool; is anyone else having problems? Most annoyingly, I just tried to post a new photostory and it's only posted the title - there's no actual thread, and if I click on "Reply" it tells me the thread doesn't exist!


Wed, Nov. 15th, 2006, 01:25 pm
originalluff: (no subject)


*bangs on pots and pans*

so..does anyone around here play an online game called Fly For Fun?

If you DO play and you DO know what im talking about~ what server do you play on? Perhaps we could go fly together =3

and also~

who else here has a cold? *raises hand* I do =D

/random post of sugary randomness.

Sun, Nov. 12th, 2006, 03:51 am
x_justpeachy: Uhmm..

Kinda' new to this whole dollfie thing, so I'll get right to the point! ♥

My name is Kat; I'm _denzel on DoA, and last monday I ordered my first doll, a Doll Dream Lily that will be named and crafted after Hinamori Momo. (from BLEACH) She's coming in possibly this week or next, as she is supposed to be shipped out by monday (I'm not sure whether that's 'Shangai' monday or 'Florida' monday, but!) so I'm really excited and nervous~

In any case, I did make a seperate journal [x_justpeachy] for her, so feel free to friend it! Thanks guys~~

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